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Snow Measurement Equipment and Tools Since 1985

Almost a year ago now, snowmetrics committed to supporting, in both action and by donating funds to causes and individuals across the country needing help. A percentage of our annual profits has gone to support Black Lives Matter, bail funds for protesters, and resources to Black journalists, and Trans communities of color. On a local level, in Colorado, we supported one of our Food Banks and an organization supporting Latinx youth. There is always more to do. We continue to educate ourselves and prioritize promoting awareness and action around issues of racism, environmental justice and the very clear disparity and lack of access to the outdoors and within our industry for Black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and the LGBTQ community

We continually ask ourselves how we can make a difference, raise awareness, recognize other efforts that support educational programming, and provide access to underserved or marginalized groups. We strive to cultivate opportunities for all to experience snow science, be outdoors and to gain an appreciation and stewardship of our planet.

Ask questions, listen and above all else, be kind. To see other ways snowmetrics is making a difference, see our Instagram and/or Facebook pages.

We use the tools we sell. Year in and year out.

We are a unique company in snow and ice measurements. We are primarily interested in snow education and snow science. Our roots come from the avalanche world where we began formal study in the 1970s. In the 1980s we became heavily involved in snow hydrology as well, with some work in glaciology.

We have developed and tested our equipment through decades of use that include tens of thousands of measurements. We have personally tested our tools in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Other researchers have tested them in Africa,  Antarctica, and Greenland. No other company builds better equipment than the tools we manufacture ourselves. The equipment that we sell but don’t build ourselves, is tested the same way we test our own tools. We stand behind everything we sell.

Model numbers, colors and appearance may change for components not manufactured by snowmetrics without notice.  Substitutions or changes will always be made with equal or higher quality items.