Snow Pit Equipment

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Snow pit sampling equipment is available individually or in kits. Purchasing kits provides some savings over purchase price of individual items. The Pro Snow Kit is used by many operational measurement programs and research groups. It contains everything needed to get the highest accuracy samples for pit analyses of depth, density, snow water equivalence and temperature. The Pro Snow Kit II is preferred by users who want back up equipment, the ability to measure thinner layers or to have two groups working at the same time. The Backcountry Kit is used by forecasters and researchers who are traveling long distances in the field. Our Build-Your-Own Kit option allows you to customize a kit for your needs.

Snow Board Equipment

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Sampler tubes are of the highest quality tubing available, with the highest standards for wall thickness and diameter accuracy. The tubing was also selected for its enhanced properties of toughness, weatherability and shatter resistance. Tubes are 12" in length (30.5cm). They are marked with a rule in metric and English graduations and have a beveled cutting end for greater accuracy. A simple adjustment on the scale for the tare weight of the tubes allows the user to read a sample directly in water equivalence. The scale also has both metric and English graduations. SNOW BOARD KITS Kits come with a selection of the following equipment so the users can choose the items needed for their particular applications. Each item is also available separately.

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