snowmetrics stands with Black communities


We are a small family owned business, and we acknowledge that our success in this industry is tied to the enslavement of Black people, and the genocide of Native people in this country. Below are some of the things we are learning and doing in response to the crisis of police brutality and racism in this country. We want to express our gratitude to creative educators on social media platforms who are creating and circulating resources to help us be better and do better. 

What is snowmetrics doing? 

  • To take a first step towards reparations for Black americans, 5% of annual profits will go to fund Black Lives Matter, bail funds, and educational resources for Black students. To learn more about reparations and why they are necessary, see link in our bio. 
  • While we already advocate for and support educational programs through donating materials to classrooms, going forward, we will prioritize programs that are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) led and/or with clear goals aimed at increasing access and support for BIPOC in the snowy outdoors. If you know of a group that you would like to see us support with equipment, please let us know. 
  • We have learned from the work of BIPOC that snow education does not only include snow, it must also include anti-racism. Going forward, our instagram will amplify the teachings of BIPOC educators and we will do our part to boost anti-racist educators in their holistic approach to science education. 
  • One resource that we would like to offer is connection and networking. If you are a Black customer or community member who could use some industry connections, please reach out to us. We can provide mentorship and access to job opportunities through our own personal and professional networks. Feel free to share this on to people you know as well.

If you are an outdoor industry company following us, get on board! We call to action and join other outdoor industry companies to do better, listen, challenge marketing and business decisions in order to advocate for more opportunities for individuals that may not have the means to play in the snow or take an avalanche course. 

We are a white family of four, and realizing that how we imagined our work is not limited to producing snow sampling equipment and education.  We’re calling on other outdoor industry companies to imagine with us and with the countless who have come before us: what does a just and anti-racist outdoors look like?